Friday, 19 March 2010

Type I Diabetes- Treatment

Type I diabetes can not be cured, but can be kept under control. INSULIN is the only treatment for this type of diabetes. Together with insulin, diet and exercise play an important part in the management of diabetes.

Insulin: As mentioned in the previous posts insulin is a hormone secreted by pancreas and it is lacking in patients with diabetes. These patients can be given insulin in the form of injections to control their blood sugar. If swallowed, our stomach will simply digest insulin. Therefore it has to be given in the form of injection. In the past, insulin was derived from animals such as cows and pigs. Currently, human insulin is available in the market. It is much safer to use this type of insulin. Various types of insulin are available. Depending on the timing of the onset, peak and duration of their action, they are classified as short acting, intermediate acting and long acting insulin. In addition there are rapidly acting and slow acting insulin analogues. Availability of various forms of insulin gives more flexibility to how we treat diabetes. Insulin injections can be given using various devices.

Simplest and cost effective way is to inject using a needle and a syringe.

                                A little more expensive device but easy to use is ‘insulin pens’.


Insulin can also be given using a pump. Pumps are very expensive, but give flexibility to the patients.

Using each of these devices requires a lot of guidance and education and details will be explained in future posts.

Diet: Diet plays a very important role in controlling your diabetes. Never skip your meals, especially if you have taken your insulin. Always follow your meal plan according to the advice given by your dietician.

Physical Activity: Physical activity improves the action of insulin and helps to keep the blood sugars low.

Thus, treatment of diabetes involves a combination of insulin treatment and patient education.

Remember, insulin should be used as advised. Improper use of insulin could be dangerous.

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