Friday, 19 March 2010

Ear Wax … it good or bad for your child?

Many parents ask ‘which is the best way to remove the wax from the ear?’

Actual question should be 'Do you really need to remove the wax in the ear??'

First of all wax has some protective function in our ears. Wax lubricates the ear canal and prevents drying of the skin. It also helps in cleaning along with the jaw movements. Some literature suggests that the wax protects from some of the infections. So, it is not all that bad!

However excess wax or impacted wax may result in impaired hearing.

You do not need to clear the wax from your child’s ear routinely. One should attempt to remove the wax only if it is giving you problems. If in doubt get your child’s ear checked. For most cases softening the wax with olive oil or almond oil is enough to move the wax. Well impacted wax may have to be removed by a procedure called ‘syringing’ by your doctor. Other commercial preparations may be available in some countries to soften the ear wax. Using cotton buds is not advisable. These buds may push the wax further in.

A little wax in your child’s ear? Let it be ….relax.


  1. Thank you so much for this really helps.

  2. Thank you. Now I know why my grand mother used to pour a drop of oil in my ear when I was a kid!